Entspannte Frau auf der Liege

Relax, enjoy …

… get away from it all
Allow yourself a break and experience an intense feeling of well-being for your body, spirit and soul.

Pamper yourself with one of our massages! We offer massages from all around the world, ranging from a vitalising Allgäu Swiss Stone pine massage to an Asiatic hot stone massage.
Whatever your needs are, we have the right treatment for you!

Schongauer Straße 48
D - 87616 Marktoberdorf

Classic treatments

Hot SPA "Weitblick" massage
Our spevial energetic massage with lukewarm aromatic oil is adapted to your individual needs!

Session time: for back massage
about 25 Min.
€ 33,00
Session time: for whole body massage about 50 Min.
€ 65,00

Sport massage
Enjoy our stimulating foot and leg massage. A refreshing cooling massage for heavy legs and tired feet. This massage relaxes the whole body and make you feel as if you are in the clouds.

Session time: about 25 Min.
€ 33,00

Clear your mind
A gentle, deep relaxing facial and back massage. This relaxing massage is completed with an ear candling treatment.

Session time: abaout 25 Min.
€ 78,00
Anti-stress treatment
Combination of classic massage with functional massage.
Relief of the cervical spine in case of headaches, migraines, shoulder and neck problems.

Session time: about 25 Min.
€ 33,00
Session time: about 50 Min. 
€ 65,00

Relaxation treatment for the feet
Soothing special treatment for your feet to loosen tensions.
The centre of pressure methode has a positive impact on your well-being and balances your body and soul.

Session time: about 25 Min.
€ 33,00

Massages from all around the world

Swiss stone pine massage
Our vitalising Swiss stone pine massage relaxes your whole body. The warm and scented Swiss stone pine oil improves the blood flow in all your muscles, enhances your energy flow and loosens tensions and blockades.

Session time: abaout 30 Min.
€ 40,00
Session time: abaout 60 Min.
€ 78,00

Pampering full body massage according to an Indian method
Enjoy a traditional oil massage with plenty of warm oil. The massage loosens stress, enhances the immune system, clarifies and nourishes your body.

Session time: abaout 50 Min.
€ 65,00
Sea foam massage
A gently foaming gel from extracts of coconut and dulse clarifies and nourishes your body. The gentle massage is supported by shells and will relax your whole body. The final head and neck massage will calm you down and make you feel excellent.

Session time: abaout 60 Min.
€ 78,00

Hot stone massage
Enjoy a relaxing treatment of warm basalt stones and lukewarm oil. This massage loosens blockades and activates your body's energy.  

Session time: about 70 Min.
€ 91,00
2 Adults
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  • 2 Adults
  • 3 Adults
  • 4 Adults

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